Unstoppable Moves

Facebook application to upload and edit videos. Mashing videos together and post them into Youtube and Facebook wall.


Friends with Benefits

Facebook application for people who wanna make out with their friends.


Vegas Uncork'd

Presented by Bon Appetit is the world's most innovative culinary festival held in one of the most dynamic and important culinary destination in the world.


Discover The Forest

Forest Snapshot Game. Think you've got an eye for photography? Nature is a great place to get started. Practice taking snapshots here, then discover the forest from behind the lens.

Nivea: Bikini-Challenge

A challenge to break down cellulite and boost confidence by focusing on diet, moves, skin and style.



A successful project begins with a solid strategy. An encompassing plan isn't possible without true collaboration. As we discuss the goals of a project, we're able to discover more about the people and process behind it. With the proper information gathered, we're able to properly evaluate our findings and turn the data into an appropriate plan.


We devote time to conceptualize the specific goals of each project. From there, we begin to focus on the structure of elements included in the site by rating each piece of content with a level of importance. After this foundation has been laid, we apply the stylistic elements which capture the essence of the given brand while communicating the strategy.


It's in the development phase where things begin to take shape. Building upon the established strategy and polished design, development presents a project to the world. It's important to ensure all goals of the project have been achieved through periodic review, verifying each step taken along the way. Everything culminates on launch day.